Optical Distribution Frames and Cable Closures

OPTOKON manufactures comprehensive fiber optic cable management systems delivering high performance solutions for passive network installations. OPTOKON systems meet today’s requirements for tomorrow’s applications. These advanced modular fiber optic systems include the full range of passive components for singlemode and multimode applications that when combined, provide complete solutions for today’s applications, and maximize physical infrastructure performance, reliability, modularity and scalability.

The OPTOKON standard 10 year warranty is valid for all cable management components from the OPTOKON range manufactured from ALUMINIUM. This includes all racks, cabinets, shelves, connector panels. The warranty does not extend to any cables, connectors, adaptors, pigtails or any other component tted into the cable management system as an accessory. This warranty is valid and eective from 1/5/2006 and is not applicable to any aforementioned product purchased from OPTOKON prior to this date. Any OPTOKON cable management product purchased prior to 1/5/2006 is governed by the standard OPTOKON one year warranty valid at the date of purchase. Terms and conditions for the standard ten year warranty are available at WWW.OPTOKON.COM or by request from SALES@OPTOKON.COM

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