Tactical Optical Networks THE COMPLETE SOLUTION shaping the future of feld optical tactical communication

02 March

Tactical Optical Network
shaping the future of eld optical tactical communication

OPTOKON, a.s. is a leading global producer and supplier of premium active and passive fiber optic components and specializes in fully tested integrated data network, FTTx and tactical military solutions. Our components and solutions can be found in applications in businesses, communities and armed forces throughout the world. OPTOKON is an ISO 9001 approved company, was founded in 1991 with headquarters located in Jihlava, the Czech Republic. The perational
management structure of the OPTOKON is based on a matrix organization consisting of six manufacturing divisions utilizing state-of-the art technology and strong technical expertise to create the OPTOKON product portfolio; which is coupled with regionally managed OPTOKON facilities comprised of company branches and distribution outlets, thus ensuring an active global distribution network to meet customer demand.

IDEX 2014

08 January

Dear Business Partner,
We are pleased to inform you that we will be exhibiting at the IDEX 2014 exhibition from 22 - 26 February 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. You can visit us on OPTOKON stand:  01-B14

OPTOKON ruggedized optical components are approved according to NATO Supplier Code: 1583G.  The devices are used for the installation of mobile commands with field LAN and fully comply with STANAG requirements and all standards for harsh environmental conditions. The LMSB-series of CIM X COMM ALL, original Communication and Information Module can connect x PC subscribers and connect any type of communication equipment or systems (VHF, HF, UHF, SAT, TETRA, GSM, PSTN) from different suppliers.

OPTOKON Newsletter January 2015

08 January

Welcome to the January 2015 OPTOKON newsletter, and we would like to wish all our clients, partners and readers, a very happy and successful new year.  This edition of the newsletter contains a new year message from Jiří Štefl, the General Director and Chairman of OPTOKON as well as something a little different - a highly interesting article that shows that sometimes OPTOKON is not just all about fiber optics.

In this edition we also say thank you and goodbye to one of the longer serving members of the management at OPTOKON.
A new year means new product and service launches and exhibitions, and details of these can also be found in the newsletter.
Don't forget that you can stay up to date with what's happening at OPTOKON throughout the year via the regularly updated news section on our website and by subscribing to the weekly product updates. 

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OPTOKON Newsletter September 2014

29 September

Welcome to the September 2014 OPTOKON newsletter, which leads us into the autumn exhibition season. You can find details of all forthcoming exhibitions where staff will be demonstrating products, along with those events where our excellent cooperation with our partners enables our customers to also view our products.  As evidence of the top quality associated with OPTOKON products, you can find details of recent certifications and approvals by some of the industry's leading companies.

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OPTOKON Newsletter July 2014

08 July

Welcome to the July 2014 OPTOKON newsletter, the first of the OPTOKON fiscal year which also takes us nicely into the summer holiday period here in Europe. This gives us the ideal opportunity to take a look at future company strategy, which is accompanied by a message for the holidays from Jiri Štefl, the General Director and Chairman of OPTOKON.

In addition, we also look at the recent visit to OPTOKON from the Romanian Ambassador to the Czech Republic feature an article by Jozef Kabas, the OPTOKON Security Director and Head of ICT Department on the solutions for tactical command and combat units recently on show at key exhibitions along with news of recent and forthcoming exhibitions, plus a taster for the soon to be launched waterproof connector, that adds a practical twist to a long established passive component. Jiri Štefl also provides an article on OPTOKON fiber optic connectors.

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OPTOKON Newsletter April 2014

08 April

Welcome to the April 2014 OPTOKON newsletter. OPTOKON is always looking to expand and improve the products and services that we offer our customers and this edition has a particular focus on some of the new and established partners that are working with us to fulfill this aim. There is also an announcement regarding the new OPTOKON Arabian Calibration Laboratory in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We also take a look at some of the ongoing research projects that OPTOKON is involved in, with particular focus on the hybrid telephone exchange with a direct connection to the optical network, with a joint article by Milan Šnajder, the Director of RDIC (Research and Development Innovation Center) of OPTOKON and Jozef Karbas, Director of Special ICT Systems & Security.

In addition, there are the usual articles on recent and forthcoming exhibitions where as usual, OPTOKON has been highly active in this area at this time of the year, plus news of the updated range of handheld portable testers and the new LMCW switches.

Don't forget that you can also stay up to date with what's happening at OPTOKON via the news section on our website, which is regularly updated. 

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