OPTOKON Calibration Laboratory

The OPTOKON Calibration Laboratory offers excellent prices and fast turn-around times for all types of fiber optic test equipment.

Established in 1999, the OPTOKON calibration laboratory is an on-site, independent laboratory offering a comprehensive range of metrological services in the field of fiber optic calibration, verification, measurement and consultation. Calibration Laboratory is an integral organizational element of OPTOKON, a.s.
The laboratory helps our customers to comply with the steadily increasing requirements for product and service quality and reliability. Calibration services were accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute in accordance with ISO 17025 standard (listed as calibration laboratory No. 2315) in 2003.
The OPTOKON calibration laboratory has three workplaces. The main workplace is OPTOKON Jihlava and two other workplaces are located in Malaysia - OPTOKON Malaysia I. and OPTOKON Malaysia II.



The OPTOKON calibration laboratory offers:

Accredited services:

  • calibration of optical power meters
  • calibration of optical attenuators
  • calibration of light sources
  • calibration of RL meters
  • calibration of OTDR’s
  • calibration of spectral responsivity of photodiode detectors
  • calibration of thermometers
  • calibration of of hygrometers

Others services:

  • verification of fiber optic test equipment
  • measurement of fiber optic components including climatic tests
  • all required documentation and certification
  • providing advice in the field of fiber optics
  • training and seminars
  • elaboration of company metrology systems
  • selection of fiber optic test equipment
  • consultancy on test methods
  • test equipment documentation guidance and calibration

Metrological traceability
All etalons and reference materials of the OPTOKON calibration laboratory are regularly checked and are traceable to national standards according to the requirements contained in ISO/IEC 17025